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Transit Oriented Development

The Impacts of Parking Reform in the Twin Cities

TOD Forum

The Twin Cities region has joined a national trend toward reconsidering parking minimums. In doing so, cities are allowing dense, transit oriented development that in many cases would not have been previously possible. The TOD Office explored these reforms and the market's response in our Spring 2019 forum, The Impacts of Parking Reform in the Twin Cities. Please check out the a video of the full forum, as well as a video of interviews with the panelists below:


About the TOD Office

Metro Transit TOD is a one-stop shop for developers and urban planning professionals interested in pursuing or advancing Transit Oriented Development (TOD) in the Twin Cities.

The Metro Transit TOD Office is a branch of the Metropolitan Council and was founded in coordination with the region’s TOD Policy. As part of this policy, the TOD Office works to advance the following goals in all of our work:

1. Maximize the development impact of transit investments by integrating transportation, jobs and housing.

2. Support regional economic competitiveness by leveraging private investment.

3. Advance equity by improving multimodal access to opportunity for all.

4. Support a 21st century transportation system through increased ridership and revenues.

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How can the TOD Office help you?

The TOD Office offers expertise, resources and connections to the Twin Cities and national TOD network.

We strive to be a resource for any TOD-related question or project, large or small, and will connect you to the right property owner, funding opportunities or organization to get you what you need. Additionally, the TOD Office is also equipped to help with:

Resources for TOD planning professionals

If you are a local planner seeking assistance with integrating TOD into your comprehensive plan; understanding the roles of the various levels of government involved in planning and implementing TOD; or in search of local case studies, initiatives and lessons learned; take a look at the Metropolitan Council TOD Guide and related resources.


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What is TOD?

TOD is walkable urban development supported by high quality, frequent transit service. TOD includes a mix of housing, retail, employment, retail and recreational choices, allowing people to live and work in vibrant places with less dependence on a personal car.

TOD plays a vital role in maximizing the impact of transit investments, increasing regional competitiveness and advancing equity and health.

Green Line light rail train A Line bus at 46th Street Station

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