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Guaranteed Ride Home

A guaranteed ride home when you need it

If you are considering using alternative transportation, but are concerned that there may be times in which you need to use a car to get somewhere quickly for a personal emergency, the Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) program has you covered.

Register with the GRH program, and, if you have an eligible emergency on a day you commuted by carpool, vanpool, biked, walked or took transit, we will help you get home with a FREE and reliable ride.

What is Guaranteed Ride Home?

Guaranteed Ride Home is a free reimbursement program for registered commuters. Its purpose is to minimize the chance of being “stuck at work” due to limited transit schedules, like express routes that only travel in one direction at certain times during the day. It provides registered commuters a sense of comfort knowing they can take care of family emergencies or stay late completing a project while still taking transit and/or alternative modes of commuting.

Who’s eligible for the program?

Commuters who travel to a job, post-high school education, or a day-long volunteer opportunity and take a bus, train, bike, and/or carpool at least three days a week are eligible for this program.

Those who drive alone for their commute are not eligible.

What do I get from the Guaranteed Ride Home Program? 

Registered program participants can use the Guaranteed Ride Home program up to four times per year (based on your signup date) or $100 in value, whichever comes first.

When should I use Guaranteed Ride Home?

When any unplanned event means you cannot use your usual mode of commute. Whether that commute is no longer available, such as your last bus has left for the night or your carpool partner went home early or you need to get home quickly due to an emergency . 

Eligible trips include: 

  • Personal illness or emergency medical issue
  • Sick child or dependent family emergency
  • Unplanned overtime
  • Regular car/vanpool unavailable

What trips are not eligible?

  • Personal errands
  • Trips to or from the airport, Amtrak or Greyhound station, unless this is your place of work. Expenses incurred traveling to the airport or Amtrak for a business trip do not quality for reimbursement. 
  • Prescheduled trips, appointments, or work events
  • Non-commute related trips
  • Other trips deemed ineligible by Metro Transit

What do I need to receive reimbursement?

You need to be registered with Guaranteed Ride Home before the ride, and have all your account information up to date, including your place of employment, post-high school, or volunteer location designated. 

Pay for the initial ride using a taxi or on-demand ride service. You will need a receipt to be reimbursed. The receipt must have the date of the specific trip, time of trip, company used for the trip, and the full fare paid visible and easy to read. 

How will I receive my reimbursement? 

You will receive reimbursement by check via U.S. mail. 

What if I’m having issues attaching my receipt?

If you’re still having issues, you can email the attachment to with the Subject “Guaranteed Ride Home Receipt.” In the body of the message include your full name and the date of the ride so we can match it to the appropriate request. Example: I’m having issues attaching my receipt. My name is Pat Smith and this is for a ride taken 2/1/20.

Example: I’m having issues attaching my receipt. My name is Pat Smith and this is for a ride taken 2/1/2020.

How do I get started?

Register using the link below. It’s easy and free. You’ll create an account with your commute information.

To use your ride home on a bus or train, a Go-To Card or other stored value pass is required. Use your Go-To Card or pass to pay for the ride. Within a week of the trip, log on to your account and fill out an online reimbursement request. We’ll credit your balance with the amount you paid.

To use your ride home for a taxi, car-share, transportation network company (Uber, Lyft, etc.) or car rental trip, contact the provider of your choice. A Go-To Card is not required for taxi reimbursement. Pay for the ride and be sure to get a receipt that displays the date, time, provider name and fare. Within 10 days of your ride, fill out an online reimbursement request. For paper receipts, print the request form and submit it by mail along with your receipt. If you received your receipt digitally, upload the file to the web form. Late submissions and submissions from unlicensed taxis will be declined. You will receive your reimbursement check by mail within a month after we receive the request form.

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