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Metro Transit Police Department

Metro Transit Police checking fares on a train.

Metro Transit Police badge

Welcome to the Metro Transit Police Department, one of the fastest-growing, most diverse police agencies in Minnesota.

On board, on foot or on the rail, the Metro Transit Police Department is committed to the personal safety, quality of life, and protection of property for everyone in our transit community. 

We're a full-service 24-hour licensed police department that responds to, and investigates, all crimes occurring on Metro Transit property, including buses, light rail, commuter trains, facilities and rights-of-way throughout eight counties and 85 cities. Our 120 full-time officers and 60 part-time officers are fully-sworn peace officers with the same powers of arrest as other city or county law enforcement agencies. 
We're committed to maintaining and cultivating a diverse department. Nearly half of our force is made up of women and people of color. And more than half of the officers in our 2017 recruit academy are women and people of color, and half of them speak more than one language, including Hmong, Laotian, Spanish, Somali, Arabic and Turkish.
We believe in community policing which addresses crime by building and maintaining relationships between beat officers and citizens in their neighborhoods. This approach drives us to proactively keep the peace using proven problem-solving methods and partnerships that elevate the quality of life in our neighborhoods.
We strive to provide excellent police service each and every day. Whether you are using transit to travel to work, school, home or simply visiting, we want your experience to be safe, fun and memorable.

Metro Transit Police

Our mission statement

Protecting the community through innovation and problem-solving.

Our core values


We achieve a continuing standard of excellence through problem-solving and by maximizing effective policing.


We work in partnership with transit and the community to prevent crime and disorder.


We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and treat all we encounter with courtesy, dignity and respect.


We embrace diversity within our communities and promote it within our organization.


We support continuous learning and the development of our staff, department and the community.