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Bus Driver Hiring

Minimum qualifications

  • High school diploma or equivalent

  • Minimum three years full-time equivalent work experience within the past seven years

  • Ability to read, write, and verbally communicate in English

  • Licensed, active driver for the past five years (any class license)

  • A good driving record

    • No more than two moving violations within the past three years

    • No suspensions longer than 90 days within the past three years

    • License not revoked or withdrawn within the past three years

  • None of these driving-related convictions within the past 10 years: (automatic disqualification)

    • DWI/DUI

    • Open bottle

    • Leaving the scene of an accident

    • Refusing to comply with implied consent

    • Careless or reckless driving

    • Inattentive driving

    • Committing a felony while operating a motor vehicle

    • Violating state or local law (other than parking tickets) arising in connection with a fatal accident

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