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Howie Padilla
Public Relations Manager

Laura Baenen
Senior Communications Specialist


All images copyright Metro Transit.

Images on this page may not be used in any manner likely to cause confusion among customers, or in any manner that disparages or discredits Metro Transit. Images may not be modified in any way that substantially alters the content, subject or meaning of the image. Use of an image must be accompanied by a photo credit to “Metro Transit.”

Note: By downloading a logo, you agree to use it according to these specifications:

Logo colors are Pantone 287 and Pantone 485 red and must be printed in these colors, in their 4-color-process equivalents (C=100, M=72, Y=0, K=6 / C=0, M=100, Y=91, K=0), in black ink only, or in white reversed out of a dark colored background. For website use, colors should be R=237, G=27, B=46 / R=0, G=83, B=160. For any application not using standard printing inks (such as painted signage), Metro Transit's Creative Services department must approve color samples.

The logo is custom artwork and cannot be recreated using standard typestyles. Any printing, signage or product must be created using the custom artwork provided by Metro Transit. The Metro Transit logo should always be used in its entirety — the "circle T" with "Metro Transit" together. The "circle T" should not be used alone.

Refer to Metro Transit Brand Identity & Style Guide

Metro Transit Log Color Metro Transit Log Black and White METRO logo

Color Logo
metcolor.eps (120k, scalable)
metcolor.tif (2.8mb)
metcolor.jpg (224k)
metcolor.png (22k)

B & W Logo
metblack.eps (120k, scalable)
metblack.tif (860k)
metblack.jpg (124k)
metblack.png (21k)

METRO_logo.eps (455k, scalable)
METRO_logo.tif (3.6mb)
METRO_logo.jpg (223k)
METRO_logo.png (12k)

METRO Blue Line METRO Green Line METRO Red Line

Blue Line
METRO_blueline_logo.eps (492k, scalable)
METRO_blueline_logo.tif (7.5mb)
METRO_blueline_logo.jpg (393k)
METRO_blueline_logo.png (21k)


Green Line
METRO_greenline_logo.eps (475k, scalable)
METRO_greenline_logo.tif (7.5mb)
METRO_greenline_logo.jpg (393k)
METRO_greenline_logo.png (23k)


Red Line
METRO_redline_logo.eps (475k, scalable)
METRO_redline_logo.tif (7.5mb)
METRO_redline_logo.jpg (258k)
METRO_redline_logo.png (28k)


METRO Blue Line METRO Green Line METRO Orange Line

METRO_A-Line_logo.eps (896k)
METRO_A-Line_logo.jpg (84k)
METRO_A-Line_logo.png (16k)

METRO_C-Line_logo.eps (1.1mb)
METRO_C-Line_logo.jpg (84k)
METRO_C-Line_logo.png (16k)


METRO Orange Line
METRO_OrangeLine_logo.eps (1.1mb)
METRO_OrangeLine_logo.jpg (199k)
METRO_OrangeLine_logo.png (16k)



Find a variety of high-resolution images of Metro Transit buses, trains, employees and customers at Flickr.