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Advertise with Metro Transit

Reach to broader audience with Metro Transit

Tap into advertising that reaches not only tens of thousands of daily Metro Transit commuters but those who see buses and trains in the city landscape. In addition to conventional advertisements on the exterior and interior of its 1,000+ vehicles, Metro Transit offers unique marketing opportunities, such as advertisement-wrapped trains on both the Blue and Green light-rail lines, fully-branded train and/or bus interiors, platform station dominations and out-of-the-box, custom ideas.

Transit Advertising – Effective and Efficient

Transit advertising generates repeated exposures all day, seven days a week. Reach on-the-go consumers when they are commuting to work or school, attending popular sporting events or out enjoying the many wonderful activities the Twin Cities has to offer. Whether your advertising goal is to raise brand awareness across the greater Twin Cities metro area or generate quick recall with repeated exposures near point-of-purchase locations, Metro Transit offers cost-effective solutions for businesses and organizations of all sizes.

Metro Transit has Advertising Standards that guide it in advertising decisions. Permitted advertising typically promotes the sale, rental, distribution or availability of goods, services, food, entertainment, products or property (real or personal) but also may solicit business or promote (commercial or noncommercial) transactions, events or programs. Excluded advertising includes ads for political candidates or elections, tobacco products, alcohol advertising without a responsible drinking message, or illegal products or services, to give some examples.

For more information on advertising possibilities with Metro Transit, contact Intersection at:​

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Intersection Minneapolis
Phone: 952-562-8620 

Bus Advertising

Image of bus with advertisement on taillight.

Bus Taillight

Image of bus with Ultra Super King advertisement

Bus Ultra Super King

Image of Rail Sheet 2 advertisement

Rail 2-Sheet

Image of Rail backlit adverstisement

Rail Backlit 2-Sheet

Rail Advertising

Image of Rail Backlit Dio

Rail Backlit Dio

Image of Rail Digital Platform

Rail Digital Platform

Image of Rail Full-Wrap

Rail Full-Wrap

Image of Rail Interior Card

Rail Interior Card

Image of Rail Station Domination

Rail Station Domination

Image of Rail Experience event

Activation Event

Image of Rail Ultra Super King

Rail Ultra Super King