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CDL & Permit Info

What type of driver’s license do you have?
Will you need a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) permit?

The Metro Transit bus driver position requires a Class A or B commercial driver’s license with a passenger endorsement and no restrictions to air brakes. 

However, you can be hired and receive behind-the-wheel training with a commercial learner’s permit if you meet all other minimum qualifications and are successful in the selection process. 

This chart will help you determine if you need to get a commercial learner’s permit. You do not need a permit to apply, but it is required before you will be allowed to schedule for an interview.


  Look at the back of your license. Where is says “Endorsements” does it list “Passenger?” Look at the back of your license. Where is says “Restrictions” does it list anything regarding “Air Brakes?

Yes – OK
No – A permit is required

No – OK
Yes – A permit is required


Yes – OK
No – A permit is required

No – OK
Yes – A permit is required


Both Class C and Class D license holders will need to take and pass the required written permit tests and obtain a Class B Commercial Learners Permit.


How do I get a permit?

What written tests are required?  

Whether you are seeking a first-time commercial learner’s permit or already have a CDL and need to add the passenger endorsement or remove an air brake restriction, you will be required to take and pass three written permit tests; General Knowledge, Air Brakes and Passenger. Once you pass the tests you will need to apply for and obtain the commercial learner permit.

I already have a CDL, why do I need to take all three tests?

The law requires you take all knowledge tests relative to the vehicle you will be road tested in. For the bus driver position, you will be taking the road test in a Metro Transit bus which is a passenger vehicle with air brakes. The general knowledge test is standard to all commercial permits.

Get more details and view an electronic version of the Commercial Driver’s Manual. Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Manual.

Does it cost anything to get a permit?

You may take each knowledge test twice for free. Third and subsequent knowledge tests are $10 each, so make sure you study the manual well before taking the tests. 

Once you have taken and passed the three knowledge tests (General Knowledge, Air Brakes, and Passenger) you will need to apply for the permit. The instruction permit fee is $10.50, plus an additional $2.50 for the passenger endorsement, for a total cost of $13.

The permit application form says I need to provide a copy of my medical examiners certificate. What should I do? For the bus driver position, you may check the “Exempt” box.

I have my permit, now what? 

As soon as you receive the “temporary” permit copy, fax a copy to 612-349-7566. Use a cover sheet and address it to: Attention Bus Operator Hiring. Note: you will receive a hard copy of your permit in the mail within a couple weeks. You must always keep the permit with your driver’s license.

Where do I take the permit tests?

See a list of the Twin Cities area exam stations. 

View statewide locations. 

NOTE: Not all Department of Vehicle Services offices offer the knowledge tests. Call ahead.