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MTPD in the Community

MAD DADS of Minneapolis and Community Ambassadors

The Metro Transit Police Department partners with two well-respected and established youth services organizations in the Twin Cities, MAD DADS of Minneapolis and the Hallie Q. Brown Community Ambassadors program. MAD DADS and Ambassadors engage with youth on the buses and light-rail trains in an effort to reduce behavior on transit property that can lead to juvenile arrests. Sometimes the agencies will remind the youth of Metro Transit’s Code of Conduct, in other instances, MAD DADS and Ambassadors may connect a youth with services and resources like a food shelf, support at school, or a job.

Staff Highlights

Sergeant looks out for those who can't look out for themselves

There are some people you can just tell were made to serve and protect others. Sergeant Tim L. is one of those people. With his football player-sized frame, calm demeanor and warm smile, Sergeant Tim creates an atmosphere of peace whenever you’re around him. You just feel protected in his sphere. But this isn’t just about Tim being a good guy, or even a cop. It’s about a man who believes in making a difference.

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Transit Police get new tools to help the homeless

Metro Transit police are doing more to help individuals seeking shelter on transit – and now they have a few new tools at their disposal. The most powerful tool they’ve received are vouchers that can be used to get people into a federally-funded rental assistance program. Such vouchers are typically hard to come by, but the Council’s Housing and Redevelopment Authority (HRA) secured nearly 100 of them this fall.

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New Transit Police officers speak many languages, share desire to be role models

Growing up in Cambodia, Soonem Teng’s family fled their home several times to escape raids by the Khmer Rouge. That experience helped point Teng toward a career in law enforcement. On Thursday, Dec. 20, he was among 16 new officers sworn in by the Metro Transit Police Department. “As a kid, I always wanted someone to step up and help,” Teng said. “Now I want to be that person for others.”

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On/Off the Clock with Elaine Warren

Meet Elaine Warren, who's worked with other seamstresses behind-the-scenes to alter garments for the carnival royalty around the clock prior to the St. Paul Winter Carnival. She's also Principal Administrative Specialist at West Command for Metro Transit Police.

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Officer of the Year

2019 Officer of the Year Frank Hintz

Officer Frank Lintz has been the primary investigator on the scene at several major bus and light rail crashes, started a proposal for a drone program for the department’s crash reconstruction team and is one of the leading team members of the Transit Police Peer Support Team.

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2019 Life Saving Award: Sgt. Bret Fraser and Officer Josh Moberg

Both Fraser and Moberg talked people out of jumping from bridges into the Mississippi in separate instances. Moberg had to search for a suicidal woman who had left a bus and then spent more than hour talking with her. Fraser joined a suicidal person, and they smoked cigars together as they talked about the person’s problems. Later, the individual said he would have committed suicide if it hadn’t been for Fraser.    

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