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Network Next

Frequently asked questions

What are the next steps for the BRT lines selected for near-term implementation? 

The lines recommended to be the next three lines—the F Line, G Line, and H Line—are planned to begin construction one at a time starting in 2025, pending full funding. More detailed planning and project development will occur for each line in the years leading up to construction. 

What about the corridors that are not advanced for more detailed evaluation? Or routes that were never considered for BRT in the first place? 

Potential BRT corridors that are not advanced for more detailed evaluation, and those that are identified as medium- or longer-term priorities for implementation, are still good candidates for other types of transit improvements. This could include increasing the number of trips and hours of service on the route, as well as making changes to bus stop spacing or the street to increase speed and reliability of service. 

This is also true for routes that were not considered for BRT improvements. Planning to identify improvements to the local bus network is planned to continue in 2021, as the long-term impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on travel patterns becomes better understood. 

Are local and express bus routes included in Network Next? 

Local and express routes remain the essential backbone of our bus network and will be included in Network Next. Planning for these improvements has been put on hold for now until we can better understand and incorporate changing ridership patterns into our planning. This delay will also allow us to take the time we need to engage with our community in a safe and responsible manner. We hope to continue this planning work in 2021. 

Are projects like the METRO Gold Line and the Rush Line considered part of Network Next? 

Planned BRT lines like the METRO Gold Line and Rush Line are not included in the Network Next planning process, because they're already included in plans for the 2040 transit network. These lines, which will run partially in dedicated bus-only lanes constructed for the project, are already undergoing separate project development processes. 

Are projects identified in Network Next funded? 

No. The new BRT lines and local and express bus route improvements identified in Network Next depend on additional resources for implementation, beyond what is available to Metro Transit today. This includes capital (construction) and operating funding for the improvements themselves, as well as new drivers and mechanics, and additional support infrastructure. 

What improvements are made to bus stops along BRT lines? 

BRT lines provide shelters at BRT stations that will provide improved protection from the weather and a safe, comfortable, and convenient customer waiting space. They also include improvements like NexTrip signage and bike racks.