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C Line Project

METRO C Line brings faster, more frequent service to the northwest metro

Map of Metro C line corridor. Click to enlarge the map.

Phase 1 of the METRO C Line bus rapid transit project opened in 2019. The C Line substantially replaced Route 19, traveling primarily on Penn Avenue and Olson Memorial Highway. The current METRO C Line stations on Olson Memorial Highway were intended to be temporary.

Project timeline

June 2019: The C Line opened on June 8, 2019, with service between downtown Minneapolis and Brooklyn Center via Penn Avenue and Olson Memorial Highway.

Future: A future realignment to Glenwood Avenue would occur in coordination with light rail transit opening on Olson Highway and the completion of stations on Glenwood Avenue. More information about phase 2.

Project Contacts

Community Contact
Joanna Hubbard-Rivera
Community Outreach Coordinator
Media Contact
Laura Baenen
Senior Communications Specialist
612-269-4365 cell