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Better Bus Stops

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Metro Transit is committed to providing customers a safe, secure and comfortable experience at the bus stop. We work to improve the customer experience at the bus stop through:

  • Transit information
  • Concrete boarding pads at the front of the bus stop to make it easier to get on and off the bus
  • Improvements for pedestrians near the bus stop
  • Installing shelters at new locations
  • Improving shelters with light or radiant heat
  • Replacing aged shelters
  • Shelter cleaning and maintenance


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Current priorities

  • Enhancing access to opportunity: Metro Transit is adding up to 150 shelters and improving an additional 75 existing shelters with light or heat, focusing on neighborhoods with areas of concentrated poverty.
  • Replacing aged advertising shelters: Metro Transit acquired more than 200 privately owned advertising shelters in 2015. Many of these shelters are 30 years old and are in poor condition. Metro Transit is replacing them with new shelters.
  • Accessibility: Metro Transit is adding concrete boarding pads at bus stops, improving transit information for customer accessibility, and improving pedestrian accessibility at and around bus stops.