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All fares $1 in September and October

Metro Transit wants to thank those who have been riding with us, reintroduce ourselves to those who have been away for a while, and welcome those who are new to our community and our transit system.

During this time of transition, we are excited to offer $1 rides during September and October as our region continues to move forward together.

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METRO gives you more

When you see METRO, you can find fast, frequent, all-day service between stations with enhanced amenities. METRO gives you more speed, more trips, more features.

Some METRO lines use trains, others use buses. Whether it runs on a road or on tracks, customers can expect trips at least every 15 minutes during most of the day.

METRO lines serve stations with enhanced amenities, like heating, added lighting, NexTrip real-time information, pay-at-the-station boarding and improved security features.

Light Rail

  • The METRO Blue Line travels between Mall of America and Target Field.
  • The METRO Green Line links downtown Minneapolis, the University of Minnesota and downtown St. Paul.

Blue line light rail departing Tartget Field Station

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)

Colored BRT lines operate on dedicated roadways and freeways with transit advantages:

  • The METRO Red Line travels on Cedar Avenue between Apple Valley and Mall of America.

Lettered BRT lines operated in mixed traffic with signal priority.

  • The METRO A Line travels mainly along Snelling Avenue and 46th Street, linking Rosedale with the METRO Blue Line’s 46th Street Station.
  • The METRO C Line travels mainly along Penn Avenue, linking downtown Minneapolis with Brooklyn Center Transit Center.

The METRO network is growing.

A line bus on Ford Parkwau

METRO system map

Click map to view as PDF.

Transitways diagram map