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Code of Conduct

The Metro Transit Code of Conduct

Transit customers have responsibilities. This code of conduct applies to all customers. Some parts of the code are just common sense; others are dictated by state law.
Read Minnesota statutes related to crimes involving transit.

Pay your fare
Failure to pay for your ride can result in a $180 fine. Pay as you get on the bus or be prepared to show proof of having paid the correct fare on a METRO line. Train tickets, transfers and Go-To Cards and passes are not transferable to someone else – you cannot lend them, give them away or sell them.

Do not distract the driver or bother others
Interfering with the safe operation of a transit vehicle is not only dumb, but hazardous to you and everyone else and it will get you arrested. If you threaten the driver or another passenger, you could wind up in cuffs.

No Smoking!
There is no smoking on buses or trains, in bus shelters or at transit station platforms (including e-cigarettes). If you must smoke, leave the bus shelter or platform area.

Make the ride comfortable for everyone
Designated seats at the front of every bus and clearly marked seats on every train are reserved for seniors and customers with disabilities. Please surrender your seat to these customers when they board.

Use headphones and respect others' privacy
Groove, jam, rock out – just realize that it’s your own soundtrack. Don’t share it with others.

Speak quietly
If you talk on your phone, remember that you’ve got a built-in audience. Be mindful of your language, keep your voice low and your call brief.

Keep it clean
Respect those who will ride after you. Keep your feet off the seats and take litter off with you when you leave.

No shirt, no shoes, no service
Just like in stores and other businesses, customers without shirts or shoes will be refused service.

Watch your language
Using profanity or derogatory statements is not tolerated on buses or trains. Use of this language can get you removed from the bus and your riding privileges canceled for 30 days.

No eating, alcohol or drinks in uncovered containers
You’re welcome to bring your morning coffee with you. Just make sure it’s in a container with a sealed lid – and take the container off the bus or train with you when you leave.

One fare, one seat
Your bag belongs on your lap, not taking up the seat next to you. If you’re standing, make room by moving to the back of the bus or to the center of the train.

Pet carriers are required
Pets are welcome on buses and trains as long as they are kept in animal carriers. Service animals are exempt.

Prohibited items
Metro Transit prohibits flammable, explosive, radioactive, and hazardous items onboard. This includes hoverboards, lithium cells or batteries, gas-powered scooters, car or motorcycle batteries, and gasoline/fuel containers.